8 Steps to an 8K

8 Steps to an 8K is designed to motivate and guide runners of all levels to a proud finish at Gener8tionRun’s 8K.


1. Committ to your goal.

2. Show up for group runs You’ll stay motivated and on track when running with others toward a common goal.

3. Bring a buddy--two runners is twice as nice! Finding a friend to share your experience with will motivate you to keep going!

4. Gear up! The right shoes and apparel will make a difference. Stop by Philadelphia Runner and they will fit you with the right shoe.

5. Warm up! It’s cold, so warm up! Stretch before every run and cool down afterwards.

6. Fuel up! The food you eat is the energy that keeps your body going. Get ongoing nutrition tips and advice from our Monday sessions.

7. Stay safe.

8. Finish proud on race day!


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